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I guess I kind over-estimated my ability to get drawings done. Not that I can't do them in time, but I'm about to move momentarily and have had some social obligations. I hate excusing myself, as I am super grateful for everyone's support. but I just want you guys to know I'm doing what I can to get everything done, even if it's a bit out of time. ^^;
Yeah, well, I'm trying to get things organized so I can get everything done more quickly. Up to now I was mostly just doing things as they came up, but now I feel like I need to set up priorities, especially now that I'm using patreon.

I still have things that I have to get done. Not only for patreon, but also for the people who commissioned me before I started my patreon. So I hope to pick up the pace sooner, rather than later. Please wish me success with it. And thanks to all my watchers and supporters, after all, this wouldn't be possible without you guys. ^^
Lists of story suggestions, Colored sketch raffle participants and Character suggestion participants as of: 
April 9, 2015.

Suggested characters so far:
1. Millia Maxwell (Tales of Xilia)
2. Mia Fey (Ace Attorney series)
3. Pascal (Tales of Graces)
4. Karan S'jet (Home World)
5. Faith (Mirror's Edge)
6. Robin (Fire Emblem)
7. Hex Maniac (Pokémon X/Y)
8. Wii Fit Trainer (Wii Fit)
9. Sheena (Tales of Symphonia)
10. Fuuka (Disgaea 4)

WINNERS so far:
Rozalin (Disgaea 2)
Colette (Tales of Symphonia)

Colored sketch raffle participants:
1. Mason (3 chances)
2. foducool (3 chances)
3. Zelo Blake (3 chances)
4. Quincy Kearney (3 chances)
5. Salad Taste (3 chances)
6. Tytoon (3 chances)
7. Bradie Forsberg (3 chances)
8. TheBellyBloomIsland
9. Link0306 (3 chances)
10. Nick Manfredi (3 chances)
11. Uboa (3 chances)

Story Suggestion participants:
(Any of these can send as many suggestions as they want)
1. Mason
2. foducool
3. Zelo Blake
4. Quincy Kearney
5. Salad Taste
6. Tytoon
7. Bradie Forsberg
8. TheBellyBloomIsland
9. Link0306
10. Nick Manfredi
11. Uboa
12. Link ZX
13. Jed Patzke
14. Sophia Graham
15. dillster
16. royaljellysandwich
17. steven sanabria
18. Steven Thompson
19. John Smith
20. princrim
21. Draco
22. J G
23. Nakichi
24. OtakuGamer25

Now, I'll use the numbers on this list to determine the winners of the raffles using the True Random Number Generator from and I'll also stream the raffle so everyone can see I did it fairly.

These are for reference, the winners will be announced later

And after the winners are decided they can send me their requests through note here, or private message on patreon.
And thanks a lot everyone for your support. ;D
Here's the list of the winners for the April 2015 raffle. The draw footage is on my livestream page:

Story suggestion winner:
Colette (Tales of Symphonia)

Sketches winners (6):
1. Nick Manfredi
2. Tytoon
3. foducool
4. Salad Taste
5. Bradie Forsberg
6. Quincy Kearney

Congratulations to the winners, you can send me your suggestion/request any time from now until the next raffle.
= :iconparnash121: SSBBW Connie (OC).
= :iconcowboybefat: 3 SSBBWs.
= :iconthemysterybagel: 3 SSBBW Golden Sun girls.
= :icondoom7951: skinny guy between 2 ssbbws.
= :iconfun-10-x-int-40-ir2: Kaga Kouko (Golden Time), Nibutani Shinka (Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga shitai!).
= :iconcowboybefat: 3 SSBBWs.

Should I always stream when I work on pics? 

28 deviants said Only if you stream work for long stretches.
26 deviants said Whatever, I don't watch your streams.
22 deviants said Yes, I don't want to miss any of your work process.
3 deviants said Other (comment)


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hello there do you do requests?
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No, sorry. Only paid art on my patreon.
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Hello, I'm doing a study, and I was wondering if you could tell me if you suffer from any traumatic events or disorder. They could be things like bullying, abuse, autism, an unusual experience related to sex, molestation, depression, a physical abnormality, emotional disorder, or unusual family circumstances. Anything you can think of.

Italia234 Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
U do commissions? If so how many points is needed?
GAIN-OVER Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2014
I only took cash. But right now commissions are closed.
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do you take requests?
GAIN-OVER Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2014
No, sorry.
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Thanks for watching  :D
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You have great technique and style. :nod:
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I love your artwork and imagination! 
GAIN-OVER Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2014
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GAIN-OVER Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2014
Thanks a lot. ^^
VelvetExplosion Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2014  Student Digital Artist
you were one of the artists who gave me the confidence too draw expansion so a big thank you Gain Over.
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That's nice. I'm glad I could give inspiration to someone. ^^
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